At Jandaz, we have cockapoo puppies for sale. We are a UK-based, fully licensed, responsible cockapoo breeder and our puppies go to loving homes.
Jandaz Cockapoos - UK Breeders of Cockapoo / Spoodle Dogs Breeders of toy and miniature cockapoo puppies, spoodle puppies based in Wales, UK.
Contact us via our web site.Please see our endorsements and recommendations from happy owners of our puppies....intelligent and outgoing Toy and Miniature Cockapoos, Spoodles raised in a family environment...We hope you enjoy all of the photographs of our beautiful animals. ...beautiful
Cockapoo puppies,
raised in a family environment...

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Responsible breeders...

Responsible breeders...
* Do not sell their pups to or through pet stores. Instead, they personally screen and select homes for their puppies, advise people on caring for the breed, turn away people whose lifestyle, commitment or home situation does not fit the breed, test for and guarantee the health and temperament of their puppies, have detailed documentation of their pups' lineage, demonstrate knowledge about canine health, genetics, socialization and development, and take back their animals at any time and age if the buyers cannot keep them.
Demonstrate extensive knowledge of the breed's history, traits, temperament, and conformation. They have years of experience with the breed
Keep their dogs as house pets, so they know that the offspring will be good Take back the dog at any point in his or her life for whatever reason the purchaser no longer wants or can care for the animal.
Provide advice and guidance to purchasers. Interview and usually visit the homes of prospective puppy purchasers, placing pups only with people who demonstrate they can provide safe, responsible homes.
Responsible breeders breed their female dog to the best male, not the most convenient one.
Can provide references for happy puppy buyers.
The most important thing that every dog breeder needs to have is knowledge about the breed. By knowledge about the breed, we do not mean you read a book on the particular breed. We mean that you and your family grew up with that breed and have years of first-hand experience with the breed in question, as well as, its specific needs. Also, you need to have plenty of space to exercise the dogs and a rural setting or a farm with a large property is usually preferred. Breeding dogs in the city is not recommended, especially considering that there are restrictions in some places on how many dogs you can have in your household and you do not know how your neighbors will react to your dogs.
To start breeding, you need to own a quality bitch, in most cases more than one. She will be the foundation of your kennel. You need to have enough funds to pay for your veterinarian bills and general care for your dogs and puppies. If you think that taking care of one dog is expensive, then you should not start a kennel
Aside from you having to be a responsible breeder, you need to find responsible buyers who will not contribute to the overpopulation at the various shelters. You will want to stay in contact with those buyers well after they have taken their puppy/dog home to make sure everything is going well and assist them if they need some help or advice. Sometimes, you will need to be prepared to take a puppy/dog back if the buyer cannot take care of him/her anymore. You also need to have a well-written contract where all of your responsibilities and guarantees are outlined, as well as, the responsibilities of the future owners. Having a well-written contract can save you from having a lot of headaches in the future and protect your kennel's reputation.Dog breeding is not for everyone and as you see now, requires a lot of patience and work. You need to be prepared to spend thousands of pounds to run a successful kennel and to always set your goals when you breed. Dog breeding can be a very rewarding experience and will allow you to meet a lot of interesting people who share the same love for the breed as you do. It will allow you to make long-lasting relationships and many friends along the way. and at jandaz we do just that.

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American f1 Black and Chocolate babies ready mid January will be all fully vaccinated eye tested for PRA and PFK clear parents chipped insured
Alana has hand her new babies, enquires welcome, will be ready after new year
Amy American tri colour parti f1 cockapoo ready end December