At Jandaz, we have cockapoo puppies for sale. We are a UK-based, fully licensed, responsible cockapoo breeder and our puppies go to loving homes.
Jandaz Cockapoos - UK Breeders of Cockapoo / Spoodle Dogs Breeders of toy and miniature cockapoo puppies, spoodle puppies based in Wales, UK.
Contact us via our web site.Please see our endorsements and recommendations from happy owners of our puppies....intelligent and outgoing Toy and Miniature Cockapoos, Spoodles raised in a family environment...We hope you enjoy all of the photographs of our beautiful animals. ...beautiful
Cockapoo puppies,
raised in a family environment...

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Here at JANDAZ we are dedicated to recording the breeding of cockapoos as being the correct breeding involving only pure (traceable) cocker spaniels and pure (traceable) poodles to create the cockapoo .will also be able to provide the scientific and genetic basis needed to declare the cockapoo a true breed, up from a hybrid cross. Cockapoos have been bred since at least the 1950's as an ideal companion pet and family dog. here at jandaz we produce successive generations and to keep detailed breeding records that will be able to stand the scrutiny if required for upcoming registry. Either breed can be the sire or dam, but the American Cocker is usually used as the dam. English Cockers are also acceptable as dams or sires and have fewer genetic problems than the American Cocker. The hybrid vigor resulting from crossing these two popular breeds creates a dog that exhibits not only the "best of both" breeds but produces a better family pet than in either parent breed. The Cockapoo has become known and in demand for its wonderful disposition, high intelligence and curiosity, devoted loyalty, as well as for the hypoallergenic characteristics of little to no dander, shedding or odor.

A true cockapoo is ONLY a purposeful, planned crossing of a purebred cocker spaniel with a purebred poodle. Without a traceable background anything cute and fuzzy could be (and has been) passed off as a "cockapoo" by unscrupulous people. You also find professional breeders operating small structures with maximum two different breeds, where 'professional' stands for dedication, funds, planning, organization. Professional breeders have the structure, time and network to do correctly what many 'backyard breeders' or occasional hobby breeders are not able to do. A good breeding program needs good planning ability, a solid network, and financial sustainability (for example, being able to feed and care for the puppies for as long as they are not sold), All puppies are sold on the understanding that they will be returned to us if they ever need to be rehomed, whatever the reason & age.

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American f1 Black and Chocolate babies ready mid January will be all fully vaccinated eye tested for PRA and PFK clear parents chipped insured
Alana has hand her new babies, enquires welcome, will be ready after new year
Amy American tri colour parti f1 cockapoo ready end December